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  • Listening to: Tanakh
  • Reading: Magnum Ph. Website
  • Watching: Samaria
  • Playing: Violin
  • Eating: Snips
  • Drinking: Tea
Hey !

Excuse for my absence, got a stressful life.

As you maybe know I attend a graphic school since 2005, still 2 semesters to go, so I don't have much time for personal artworks.
But don't worry soon I'll upload 2 Cd covers I made, so watch out, it'll be rewarding I promise.

I would like to tell a bit about my life, but I think, there's so much changing, so much new that I could never count it.

The most important thing is my princess :heart:……
It's one year and almost two months that we are together.

Some other  thing to mention:

I also started to play the violin one month ago. With 20 years...
Well I'll never become a Nigel kennedy or a Felix Lajko (close here it's just the surname), but it's much fun and I got a good teacher =).

I do much sports, as ever, but one thing: I quitted doing capoeira, started with acrobatics, I 'm doing it 2 times a week.

My love for love, arts, music, film (which is also art), got even stronger.
btw. I got over 200 DVD's at home, hmm.... I know, happens faster than you think.

I hope you doing well my friends :heart:
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A little song for you by
Songs Ohia / Jason Molina- Ring the bell
help does not just walk up to you i could have told you that
i'm not an idiot
i could have told you that
in every serpent's eye watch you go where you go
every serpents double tongue takes a turn with your soul
if you let them ring your bell
they're ringing the bell
why wouldn't i be trying to figure it out
everyone tells you that
everyone tells you not to quit
i can't even see it to fight it
if it looks like i'm not trying i don't care what it looks like
cause i stood at the alter and everything turned white
all I heard was the sound… of the world coming down around me
why wouldn't i be trying
why wouldn't i try
cause those double tongues are singing hear the wail of the choir through the fog
the sound of that choir through the fog
they're always close they're always so close always close always so close
if there's a way out it will be step by step through the black
why wouldn't i be trying to figure it out it don't mean i'm not trying if i don't make it back
i know serpents will cross universes to circle around our necks
i know hounds will cross universes to circle around our feet
i know they're close
step by step one's beside me to kill me or to guide me
why wouldn't i be trying to figure which one out
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eldarwen Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Whew. :) Nice to hear from you! Good luck with the violin; it's a beautiful instrument.
Muesliriegel Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2006
Hey hon ! :hug:
How are YOU ??

Yes, very beautiful, but also very hard to learn :/ .
eldarwen Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so late. :P
I'm doing alright! At the moment I'm very busy studying for my med school exams... it's hard work, but it's interesting. :) I've also moved to Utrecht, where I go to university. (But in the weekends I go home) I'm enjoying my life. Though I hardly do any photography, music or drawing at the moment, which sucks, because I really miss it. :(
You doing alright? :)
Muesliriegel Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2006
I'm really glad to hear that everythings ok ! :)

Oh this must be hard!
You see your boyfriend and friends only on the weekends ?? O_O

I know what you are talking about, I miss it too, but sadly I rarely got time for it all.
The graphic school is very very time consuming.
We have to visit the school from 8 am to 18 pm
Even after that much homework have to be done, luckily we got 3 free days were I can relax a bit, but in this time I really want to relax, this means there is also almost no time for hobbies.
OK, it's not that bad but I think you know what I mean...

What about your musical career =) ??

How's inwe doing ?

I would be very happy, to meet you all one day, maybe you come to Vienna, or I'm going to visit Eindhoven?!
On January the 2nd [link] , who lives in Hamburg/Germany comes to vienna again, I'm so happy :dancing: !!
Such nice persons are rare.

:hug: :heart: I wish you all the best !!
eldarwen Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Bit late, but oh well.. ;)

I see my friends in Eindhoven only during the weekends. My boyfriend goes to uni in Utrecht, like me. That's a good thing. ;)

Your graphic school sounds exhausting! But I hope you enjoy it, though. :)

My musical career's a bit... uhhm... asleep. I guess. ;) Not much time. Inwe's doing fine, we dont see eachother as often as we used to, but we're still best friends. She still lives in Eindhoven, which is about 50 mins away by train (bus excluded). But we still talk a lot.

It would be really cool to meet; maybe one day we can have a little dA meet for people living in Germany/Netherlands/Belgium or something like that? It'd be nice! :)

Cheers, all the best to you too! :D
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